The Importance of Training Electrician, HVAC Techs & Customer service.


Electrician training

When it comes to renovating your home, who you choose to do the work is important. Hiring skilled and qualified professionals is key to getting the results you want, on time and on budget. But what happens when something goes wrong? What if your electrician or HVAC technician doesn't know what they're doing? Or worse, what if they're unprofessional and don't respect your time or property? 

That's where training comes in. By ensuring that your workers are properly trained, you can minimize the chances of things going wrong - and ensure that when they do, you have a process in place for dealing with it. That's why we're so passionate about training our electricians, HVAC technicians, and customer service team members - it ensures that our customers always come first. 

It's not just the leads that need training. The assistants need it just as much, if not more. In fact, without proper training, the leads won't get very far. They need to be able to trust that their assistant knows what they're doing and can help them achieve their goals. Otherwise, they'll just be spinning their wheels. So at GEN3, we focus on training everyone who will be assisting you in your home projects! this is why other companies struggle to keep up.

But wait there is more....Have you ever called customer service and been completely frustrated by the person on the other end of the line? Have you ever felt like they didn't care about your problem and that they were just trying to get rid of you as quickly as possible? Well, it turns out that those people might not be entirely to blame. Many times, customer service representatives are not adequately trained in how to deal with customers. In fact, many times they are actually given very little training at all. This can lead to some pretty frustrating interactions for both the customer and the representative. 

However, there is hope. At GEN3 we put more emphasis on customer service training for our employees. GEN3electric & HVAC  offers Weekly customer training for our office team. We know that providing good customer service is essential for your project's success, and we are committed to helping homeowners achieve their goals. So if you're looking for help with your home or small business, or if you just want to learn more about why GEN3 is the right company for you, Our ongoing training may be the answer.