Why Do Smoke Detectors turn YELLOW and/or Beep.

There's no question that smoke detectors are an important safety feature in any home, but did you know that there are specific things you can do to make sure they work properly when it matters most? Keep reading for tips on how to keep your family safe from smoke detectors.

Do you have smoke detectors that look like this?   Did you ever wonder why they were made in such an ugly color? Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are made with white plastic that yellows over time.     All modern detectors are now programmed with an end-of-life alarm to expire 10 years after the activation date.  Older alarms still are no longer good after 10 years but they have no way of alerting their owners that they need to be replaced…other than turning an ugly off-white color.


If your detectors look like this it is time to get them replaced.  If wires are connected to them, they are an interconnected system; all detector models in your home will need to match.  You definitely should call a professional to replace them for you!  GEN3's service department is ready to help.