Customer Testimonial: Warm in West Philly

The problem:

Home repairs are never really unexpected when you live in a rambling old Victorian. So when the radiators didn’t turn on this fall we weren’t fazed. A call to our trusty plumber would solve the problem, again. We still weren’t worried when the plumber told us that the boiler was fine. But it wasn’t venting properly through the chimney. “No biggie,” we thought and hit the neighborhood grapevine for chimney service recommendations. 

The chimney expert’s assessment changed everything. We learned that the lining of our chimney had deteriorated beyond the possibility of repair. Which meant it was impossible to vent our boiler, and impossible to heat our home. At that moment, the confidence we’d built over nearly two decades of owning our home dissolved into panic. We had absolutely no idea what to do, and it was freezing outside. 

The first contact:

Fortunately, GEN3 Electric & HVAC knew exactly what to do! The Comfort Consultant, Rob, came over. And expertly evaluated our whole house, basement to attic. And provided solutions for heating and cooling tailored precisely to optimize comfort and efficiency in our particular space. We were just hoping for any solution that would get our radiators on. So we were thrilled when Rob provided options we hadn’t known existed. And not just to get us by, but to dramatically improve our comfort. He was even able to work around limitations imposed on our home by its historical designation! 

The solution:

Within forty-eight hours, the GEN3 installation team was in our basement. Setting up our new high-efficiency direct-vent boiler and our new electric heat pump hot water heater. (oh yeah, the old gas one had also been vented through the chimney, so also had to be replaced). The whole team was reliable, professional, friendly, and informative. They answered all our questions and kept us updated on progress throughout the four-day installation. 

Within a week, we went from thinking we couldn’t heat our home at all to enjoying better heat than we’d ever imagined. Our water heats up in no time without fossil fuels, and the improvement in our radiant heat is phenomenal! If you’d asked me last year I would have told you our heat worked perfectly, but now I know better. Our old boiler hardly ever stopped running because it took so long to warm up. And my kids were always squabbling over who got to sit closer to the space heater in the kitchen. 

The new one warms everything up so quickly that it’s nice and toasty in the kitchen. When we go downstairs in the morning, no matter where you sit, no space heater is needed! And the bathroom that was always freezing, with its drafty original windows and smallish baseboard radiator? Also, warm now! The third floor gets so warm so quickly that we’ve closed the radiator valves most of the way. Our gas bills are smaller and we’re so much more comfortable! 

Customer Testimonial Conclusion:

GEN3 went above and beyond to maximize our comfort. Not just in terms of room temperature but also in terms of confidence. Knowing we were in such capable hands every step of the way made us completely comfortable trusting GEN3 with our home. We’ll know exactly who to call when our next not-unexpected home repair occurs.


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