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At GEN3 Electric & HVAC, we understand the secret to a safe home is a dependable electrical system. Our expert team is here to ensure your home’s electricity is in good condition. You don’t have to worry about flickering lights or essential circuit breaker maintenance with us on the job! With years of experience serving the Philadelphia community, we are your go-to for any and all electrical repair needs.

In addition to offering resolutions for electrical problems, we also provide heating services, cooling services, and water heater services, making us your hub for home comfort. Contact us today to schedule a repair and discover the GEN3 Electric & HVAC difference!

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Signs Your Electrical System Needs Attention

Like any critical system, your home’s electrical setup will often show clear signs when something isn’t quite right. Here are some key indicators that your system is crying out for help:

  • Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips: If you’re constantly resetting your breaker, this is a clear signal of an overloaded system or faulty wiring.
  • Flickering or Dimming Lights: Lights that dim or flicker when you use multiple appliances can indicate inadequate power distribution.
  • Buzzing Sounds: Unusual noises from switches or outlets are a severe warning of faulty or loose wiring.
  • Burning Smell: A persistent burning odor near appliances or wiring can mean immediate danger, suggesting potential fire hazards within your electrical system.
  • Outdated Electrical Panel: Panels older than 20 years may struggle to manage modern electrical demands, leading to inefficiency and risk.
  • Warm or Sparking Outlets: Outlets that are warm to the touch or that spark when plugging in devices are not only faulty but also dangerous.
  • Visible Wire Damage: Exposed, fraying, or chewed wires are open invitations to electrical fires and should be addressed immediately.

All of these issues should spark a call to our highly trained, certified electricians to get your electrical system evaluated, repaired, or upgraded by the most qualified crew in Philadelphia, PA.

Comprehensive Electrical System Inspections in Philly

Your home’s electrical system is a complex network. It’s the power behind your appliances, lights, and heating and cooling units. Just like any other system in your home, it needs regular maintenance to confirm that everything is working correctly.

At GEN3, our professional electricians provide thorough assessments to pinpoint any electrical issues quickly. We consider everything from your electrical panel to each outlet, so no stone is left unturned. When we are able to catch and stop trouble before it escalates, it saves you the time, money, and hassle of a major overhaul.

Reliable Electrical Panel and Circuit Breaker Services in Philadelphia

Circuit breakers and electrical panels work by constantly monitoring the flow of electricity in your home. When there is an interruption or overload, the breaker will trip and shut off power to prevent a potential fire hazard. 

Common breaker and panel issues include everyday wear and tear, loose connections, and outdated equipment. Our technicians specialize in diagnosing and resolving problems within these components. Whether it’s upgrading panels to support more appliances or replacing parts, we handle it all with proficiency and prowess. 

Safe and Effective Electrical Outlet Repairs in Philly

Have you noticed sparks, or do your appliances frequently lose power? These signs can indicate malfunctioning electrical outlets — which are often the culprit of devastating disasters. Our team at GEN3 addresses this typical electrical problem, guaranteeing each outlet in your home is up to par, safeguarding your family from fires and other damages. 

Fast Fixes for Faulty Wiring in Philadelphia

Faulty wiring is not only a nuisance but a serious risk. Don’t try to fix wiring woes yourself; leave it in the hands of a professional electrician. Improper electrical troubleshooting with wiring can lead to electrocution, power outages, and more. 

Our electrical repair service at GEN3 Electric & HVAC begins with a detailed inspection to identify the root cause of the issue. Using the latest tools and techniques, we isolate the wires in question to mitigate risks to your safety and your home’s structure. From there, we implement practical resolutions to get things back on track. Additionally, we provide comprehensive home rewiring solutions for older homes that need an upgrade to support modern technology. 

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5 Star Google Reviews
Darcy S.
Darcy S.
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George was an excellent help with installing 2 new recessed lights and wiring an area for a chandelier id like to put in. He was so kind and informative, and cleaned up after his work was complete. I am satisfied with the work and would use them again!
Ernie M.
Ernie M.
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Gen3 added a 110V outlet and ran a new line from my box. It was probably the most transparent, communicative, and calming experience I've had with a contractor. Branden was awesome, answerred all my questions, and quickly installed this new outlet. I highly recommend Gen3!!
Kristin P.
Kristin P.
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Gen3 removed the old knob and tube wiring from our house. It was a big job but Aaron and Mike & co were great. Very respectful towards us and our stuff. Very efficient, professional and hard working. Showed up exactly when they said they would and left a clean work space at the end of the day. Polite and communicative and trustworthy. Job started and ended right when they said it would and came in right on the dollar per original estimate. We chose them based on the recommendation of our neighbors and would definitely recommend them to others.
Florence M.
Florence M.
Read More
Gen 3 just installed a mini split system in my apartment. Every person I dealt with was exceptionally pleasant. The installers (Eric and Jonathan and crew) stayed in touch with me and made sure I was happy with the unit placement. It was a major job, requiring a lot of people, and they got it done ahead of schedule. I could not be more pleased with the service, and I will absolutely use Gen 3 in future for any electrical work I need.

Electrical Repairs for Ceiling Fans in Philly

Is your fan wobbling all over the place, or is it just not working as it should? No worries! Our electricians are experts at figuring out what’s wrong. We’ll take a close look at the wiring, the switch, and even the motor itself. We can fix things up or, if need be, replace parts with care.

We can even help you place your fan in the best spot to keep the air moving and save you money on your energy bills. With GEN3’s electrical services, your ceiling fan repair will be quick and professional, so you can relax and enjoy cool, refreshing comfort.

Why Choose GEN3 Electric & HVAC for the Job

When looking for home electrical repair services, GEN3 Electric & HVAC stands out from the crowd. We are a locally owned and operated company that knows what powers Philadelphia. As a hub for historical properties, homes in the area often come with their own set of unique electrical challenges, such as aluminum wiring, and it takes a team of regional experts to handle them. Some more reasons to schedule an electrical service with us include:

  • Quick response times and efficient problem-solving.
  • Extensive expertise in handling complex electrical repairs.
  • A friendly, approachable team that respects your home and time.

We are not just service providers; we are your Philadelphia neighbors dedicated to maximum safety, quality work, and transparent communication that are second to none.

Need Electrical System Repair in Philadelphia? Call GEN3 Electric & HVAC Today!

For homeowners across Philadelphia, GEN3 Electric & HVAC is the trusted name in electrical repair services. Our in-depth knowledge and local expertise make us leaders in the industry. Contact us today and get buzzworthy electrical work that is sure to impress.