Tank Water Heaters

Don't Shiver in the Shower

Get a tank water heater installation in Philadelphia, PA

From taking your morning shower to washing your clothes, you need hot water to get through your day. GEN3 Electric & HVAC is your go-to for a tank water heater installation in Philadelphia, PA. If you need an affordable water heater, you may want a tank unit. Tank water heaters typically hold between 20 and 80 gallons of hot water (at around 120 degrees Fahrenheit) in a storage tank.

Recommended sizing

If you have a timeline or budget constraints, a tank water heater may be the way to go. Schedule an installation service in Philadelphia, PA today.

Choose the right unit for you

While tank water heaters are larger and have a shorter lifespan than tankless models, many homeowners choose them because they're:

  • More affordable and easier to install
  • Reliable, especially in emergencies
  • Ideal for any home electrical system

Plus, you won't have to purchase expensive additional equipment for your water heater installation. Still not sure if a tank system is right for you? Ask us about affordable water heater options now by calling 215-512-4102.