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Electrical Services in Glenolden, PA

These days, our homes rely on electricity for everything — from keeping the lights on to running the heater in the winter. In Glenolden, where the architecture blends charming historical features with modern efficiencies, a dependable electrical service provider is a must. As a locally-owned business, we at GEN3 Electric & HVAC know firsthand the electrical needs of the Glenolden community. With years of trade-combined experience, our integrity-bound electrical contractors approach each job with a personal responsibility to uphold our standards of quality work and customer satisfaction. 

With a range of offerings, we have something for everyone. One electrical service covers everything from switches, ceiling fans, panels, EV charging stations, and more. Additionally, we provide heating services, cooling services, and water heater services for complete home care. Contact us today for a free estimate on electrical work for your space or to learn more about our other comfort solutions! 

EV Charger Installation in Glenolden, PA

With electric vehicles (EVs) gaining popularity, the demand for home charging solutions has risen sharply. GEN3 Electric & HVAC steps up to this demand by offering expert EV charger installation services right here in Glenolden. Every licensed electrician on our team is trained to implement electric vehicle charging stations so your home is capable of handling the latest in automotive technology with ease and reliability. 

Adopting EV technology is a step towards sustainable living, and having your own charger at home is the pinnacle of convenience. Our installations are quick, efficient, and tailored to fit your lifestyle, allowing you to charge your vehicle overnight and start each day fully powered. Trust GEN3 Electric & HVAC to bring this cutting-edge technology to your doorstep (or your garage)!

Lighting Projects in Glenolden, PA

Whether you’re looking to brighten your home or add a touch of ambiance, our lighting projects transform your space dramatically. At GEN3 Electric & HVAC, we handle a variety of lighting needs, from installing a brand-new light fixture to replacing an outdated, lackluster one. Our crew specializes in indoor and outdoor lighting systems, integrating the latest trends with classic styles to create the perfect mood for every area of your home. 

Elevating your space with a modern lighting design illuminates your every day and increases your home’s property value. If you’re considering putting your home on the market in the near future, adding contemporary fixtures is an easy and cost-effective way to attract potential buyers. When people see that a home has been updated, they feel relieved that they don’t have to put in the work for a renovation. Additionally, seeing the work of a professional lighting installation signals to them that the electrical system is safe and up to code. At GEN3 Electric & HVAC, we prioritize our customers’ interests not just for today but also years down the road.

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5 Star Google Reviews
Darcy S.
Darcy S.
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George was an excellent help with installing 2 new recessed lights and wiring an area for a chandelier id like to put in. He was so kind and informative, and cleaned up after his work was complete. I am satisfied with the work and would use them again!
Ernie M.
Ernie M.
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Gen3 added a 110V outlet and ran a new line from my box. It was probably the most transparent, communicative, and calming experience I've had with a contractor. Branden was awesome, answerred all my questions, and quickly installed this new outlet. I highly recommend Gen3!!
Kristin P.
Kristin P.
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Gen3 removed the old knob and tube wiring from our house. It was a big job but Aaron and Mike & co were great. Very respectful towards us and our stuff. Very efficient, professional and hard working. Showed up exactly when they said they would and left a clean work space at the end of the day. Polite and communicative and trustworthy. Job started and ended right when they said it would and came in right on the dollar per original estimate. We chose them based on the recommendation of our neighbors and would definitely recommend them to others.
Florence M.
Florence M.
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Gen 3 just installed a mini split system in my apartment. Every person I dealt with was exceptionally pleasant. The installers (Eric and Jonathan and crew) stayed in touch with me and made sure I was happy with the unit placement. It was a major job, requiring a lot of people, and they got it done ahead of schedule. I could not be more pleased with the service, and I will absolutely use Gen 3 in future for any electrical work I need.

Home Rewires in Glenolden, PA

Older homes carry charm and history but often come with outdated electrical systems that can pose significant risks. Our home rewiring services in Glenolden help make sure your home meets current electrical standards, avoiding common problems like frequent outages or potential hazards. 

Rewiring, as important as it is for safety, is also crucial for enhancing your home’s functionality and preparing it for future technological advancements. As your family’s needs grow and change, so too should your home’s electrical framework. We bid outdated wiring goodbye and usher your home into the modern age to fix existing issues that spark up and plan for additions like home automation or eco-friendly appliances. With GEN3 Electric & HVAC, you’re investing in a future-proof space.

Ceiling Fans & Fixtures in Glenolden, PA

We’re HVAC aficionados, along with being electrical contractors, allowing us to deliver answers to all of your burning questions about temperature regulation. Putting in new ceiling fans and fixtures is where our cooling and electrical talents combine to bring you the best in energy efficiency. Ceiling fans are an excellent way to enhance air circulation, especially in the variable climates of Pennsylvania. They offer a greener alternative to air conditioning in the warmer months and can be used in reverse in colder seasons to push warm air down from the ceiling, reducing heating costs.

Our skilled technicians at GEN3 Electric & HVAC are experts at seamlessly integrating these fixtures, ensuring they perform optimally within your existing electrical framework. Whether updating old fans or adding new ones, we handle every detail with care. We consider your specific room layouts and style preferences so that each fan and fixture looks great and adds practical value to your home.

Dimmers & Switches in Glenolden, PA

Customize your lighting to suit any mood or occasion with our dimmer and switch services. Our installations help create the right atmosphere while saving on energy bills, giving you control over your environment. GEN3 Electric & HVAC provides modern solutions that are pragmatic yet sophisticated. 

Adding dimmers and electrical switches allows you to adjust brightness levels to match your activities and time of day, boosting the ambiance and functionality of your lighting. Whether it’s setting the perfect scene for a dinner party or getting your reading lighting just right, our solutions cater to dimmer desires. Make the switch to today’s technology with GEN3 Electric & HVAC illuminating the way!

Panel Upgrades in Glenolden, PA

As your household grows and technology evolves, so too should your electrical panel. Upgrading this crucial component is vital for several reasons. First and most important is safeguarding your family. You see, an outdated electrical panel is a real fire hazard because it cannot keep up with today’s electrical demand. With so many modern appliances and devices in use, your old panel may easily become overloaded, leading to potential disaster.

Secondly, replacing your electrical panel can increase the efficiency of your electricity usage. An old unit may not be able to handle higher voltages, resulting in wasted energy and higher utility bills. By investing in a new panel, you protect your family and your wallet from harm. The GEN3 Electric & HVAC staff works to remove your current setup and swap it out with a more robust replacement. We do it all with affordability and your family’s safety in mind, so you’re never shocked by the price of our services or an unexpected electrical fire. 

Circuit Restoration in Glenolden, PA

Along with a worn-out panel, circuit overloads can cause your home to lose power, but with a master electrician from GEN3 Electric & HVAC by your side, you can get ahead of these issues. Frequent trips and flickers are often signs of deeper issues, which our skilled electricians can diagnose and resolve. By choosing GEN3 for your circuit needs, you’re choosing a proactive approach to electrical maintenance that keeps your home secure and your power consistent.

Our circuit restoration services in Glenolden can identify and fix problems before they escalate so your home remains powered for every need — like working from home or enjoying a family movie night.

Electrical Maintenance Programs in Glenolden, PA

Regular maintenance is key to long-lasting electrical systems. Our tailored maintenance plans in Glenolden are crafted to keep your home’s electrical services running without a hitch. From routine checks to detailed inspections, we prioritize your safety and comfort, preventing disruptions and maximizing system efficiency.

Enrolling in a maintenance plan with GEN3 Electric & HVAC means taking a step towards worry-free homeownership. These plans not only help in catching potential issues early but also extend the lifespan of your electrical systems. Regular inspections and tune-ups by our certified electricians ensure that every component of your system is operating at its best, reducing the risk of sudden problems and costly repairs.

Why Choose Electrical Contractors Over DIY

While some improvement projects can be done DIY, electrical work is a particular task where professional intervention is vital for your family’s well-being and your home’s structural integrity. Without accurate knowledge of intricate electrical components, a simple repair for a minor electrical problem can turn into a major disaster. Below are some of the most significant advantages of calling in the experts for your home’s electricity: 

Safety First

Electricity is a powerful force that can be extremely dangerous if handled incorrectly. Professional electrical contractors have undergone extensive training and have the necessary expertise to work with electricity safely. They follow strict safety protocols and regulations to protect your home, family, and themselves. 

Proper Tools and Equipment

Electrical systems require specialized equipment that is not commonly found in household toolboxes. Professional electricians carry these tools with them, eliminating any risk of accidents or damage to your systems. By using the right gear, they get the job done correctly the first time, saving you time and money in the long run.

Background Training and Industry Experience

Licensed electricians undergo rigorous training to obtain their certification. They are well-versed in the latest electrical codes and safety standards, making them the best people to handle any electrical work. In addition, they have years of experience working on various electrical systems, giving them the expertise to troubleshoot and solve any issues that may arise.

Saves You Time

Hiring a professional electrician can save you time and hassle, especially if you have little to no knowledge about electrical systems. Instead of attempting to fix an issue yourself and potentially making it worse, leave it in the hands of experts who can quickly diagnose and resolve the problem.


While it may seem like a cost-saving measure to handle electrical work yourself, it can actually end up costing you more in the long run. Incorrectly installed or repaired electrical systems can lead to further damages and, if not done properly, may even pose a safety hazard. Hiring a professional electrician gets the job done correctly the first time around, saving you money in potential repairs or replacements.

What Makes Us Glenolden’s Trusted Electricians

Glenolden homeowners seeking reliable electrical services can trust GEN3 Electric & HVAC. We combine top-tier expertise with great communication on every project, delivering a truly stress-free experience. We understand electrical work can be a financial concern. That’s why we offer flexible financing options alongside our competitive rates. By prioritizing affordability and transparency, we make electrical solutions accessible for all our neighbors in Glenolden and beyond. 

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