5 Things Every Electrician Wants You To Know
5 Things Every Electrician Wants You To Know | GEN3 Electric & HVAC

Your Electrician Would Love It If You Were Familiar With These Things

Electricians are more than just repairmen; we’re experts on residential and commercial electrical systems, and we care about our customers’ safety and well-being. To make your life easier and to prevent damage to your home, we’ve put together this list of five things every electrician wants you to know.

Vampire Devices Can Cause Your Bill to Skyrocket

Devices that are plugged in but turned off still draw an electrical current. These “vampires” drain your home’s electricity and cost you without actually being in use. Undoubtedly you noticed that your electric bill continually creeps up? This is because what’s plugged into your walls drawls power. Common energy vampires include:

  • Your coffee maker.
  • Game consoles.
  • Plasma TVs.
  • Laser printers.
  • Electric toothbrush chargers.
  • Laptop chargers.
  • Desktop computers on standby.

Installing energy-efficient power strips are a great way to lower your consumption and save money without having to manually unplug all of your devices daily.

Circuit Breakers That Keep Popping Aren’t Broken

Never force a breaker into place with tape; if it’s switching off, there’s a reason! When circuit breakers repeatedly shut on and off, there’s a problem somewhere in your electrical system. Your electric panel may need a tune-up, or there could be loose wiring somewhere that needs to be tightened.

Contacting a professional right away is the best method to avoid tragedy and safety threats.

You Can’t and Shouldn’t DIY Everything

Although it’s tempting to just pull up a tutorial online to remedy your home’s problems, listening to a professional doesn’t make you one. Not only is the risk of damage higher, but working with electrical systems without professional knowledge is a major health risk.

Low-Voltage Can Still be High-Risk

Low-voltage outlets, writing and devices might seem safe to tinker with, but you can still receive a harmful electric shock that jeopardizes your health. If you’re on a ladder, the shock from a low-voltage cable can easily cause you to fall. Moreover, many people don’t realize that low-voltage connections often cross-wire to extremely powerful currents that can produce life-threatening shocks.

You Should Understand GFCI

The ground-fault circuit interrupter shuts off power when there is a ground fault. Residential electricity is designed to return to the ground to balance its naturally uneven state. When an electric system or circuit malfunctions and doesn’t meet its designated wiring, this is known as a ground fault.

“Loose” electricity will naturally try to find the next available source to return to the ground. That source may just happen to be a human being standing nearby. GFCIs are often triggered in bathroom circuits, and you should never ignore yours when they go off.

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