Air Conditioner on the Roof?
Air conditioner on the roof

What to expect if you need to Replace an Air conditioner on the roof.

Did you know that many homeowners are surprised to learn that their Air conditioning equipment is actually located on their roofs? In the bustling urban environment of the Philadelphia metro region, it is quite common to find rooftop Airconditioning equipment. Many AC condensers are cleverly installed on roofs. It is a practical solution because of the limited yard space due to the city’s vertical layout.

Here is an example home with a failing Rooftop AC System.

Stragicitally located on the 4th floor of a city rowhome, this Air conditioning equipment on the roof saves yard space. This building has a roof hatch. This may be a small inconvenience. Strong winds, harsh weather conditions, and intense sunlight are also more difficult on rooftop installations. And when it is time to replacement, a crane will be necessary to lift the heavy equipment to the roof.

Coordinating a Craine lift.

At GEN3 Electric and HVAC, we have a dedicated installation coordination department that handles all logistics for this type of installation. Our install coordinator takes care of communication with the Homeowner, crane company, and the streets department to ensure a smooth and seamless process. With our strong relationships with crane companies like Pro Crane, we are able to provide our customers with the best service possible. Experience a hassle-free installation with GEN3 Electric and HVAC.

New Package Unit Installed

Installed New Carrier rooftop AC unit

This home has a brand new rooftop Airconditioning & Heating system, providing comfort and convenience. With plenty of yard space to enjoy, you can make the most of outdoor activities. The Carrier Package unit also includes heating, ensuring year-round coziness. In a city where living space is costly, moving the heating equipment to the roof maximizes valuable square footage inside.


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