No room for Ductwork?
No room for Ductwork? Go ductless!!

This Old Stone homes was not build with ductwork

Before the AC system was added
Before the AC system was added

The changing conditions for older homes.

Are you a fan of beautiful old stone homes? While these homes have their charm the changing climate makes conditioning a challenge. That is because there is no room for ductwork. The rising temperatures and humidity in the Philadelphia region are making it harder for them to stay cool. In the past, the thermal mass of the stone would naturally keep the home cool. But now homes require the help of an HVAC system. The challenge is that this home did not have existing ductwork, and adding it would ruin the charm of the rooms. Ductless HVAC systems are specifically designed for this particular application.

Ductless systems are a great otpion for older homes

This system Carrier ductless system runs directly to the rooms that need climate control, ensuring efficient and precise temperature control. This installation is not visible from the street because located on the sides of your home. The goal is to experience ultimate comfort without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your home. In this application, you can see two inset runs on the outside of the home. In a traditional ducted system, this would have required at least 4 ducts at least 12 inches square run though the home. Not to mention the drywall work needed to hide the ducts.


To sum up, changing conditions for older homes are a challenge, however ductless heating and cooling systems offer a great solution. The Carrier ductless system is an excellent option that runs directly to the rooms which need climate control without compromising the aesthetic of your home. It is much more efficient than traditional systems as well as being easier to install with less disruption. Other advantages include its energy efficiency and multi-stage filtration methods that help you maintain a healthier home environment. If you are considering updating your older home heating and cooling set-up don’t hesitate> Call GEN3 electric and HVAC today for more information on how a ductless system can suit your needs.

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