GEN 3 has a new Employee Gym!!


We were so fortunate to have our new gym open for the Gen 3 employees this week. The grand opening event combined space with an art show featuring Boston terriers, wine & cheese tasting! It seems like everyone had a blast at these festivities which is what we always aim for when hosting something fun on-site.

We all have days when we need to take care of ourselves, but what about the taking-care-of yourself ethic? The Gen 3 team is all in for this one. They understand that fitness isn't just something you do when it's time--it should be part of every day! So whether your goal as an individual or member/employee at work has more meaning than ever before - keep up with these Core Values and make sure they're seen through into action: Choose to be Be excellent ... includes having easy access tools such as gym equipment so no matter how much energy tanks are left after difficult customer issue on the phone or just a simple fitness goal.