GEN 3 has a new Employee Gym!!
GEN3 Employee GYM

We were incredibly lucky! Our brand new, state-of-the-art gym facility opened this week exclusively for our Gen 3 employees. The grand opening event was spectacular! It seamlessly featured captivating pieces that portrayed the endearing charm of Boston terriers. To elevate the experience even more, we treated everyone to a delightful wine and cheese tasting. The flavors left taste buds dancing with joy!

Witnessing the sheer delight and joy radiating from everyone attending these festivities was absolutely amazing. Our paramount objective when organizing an on-site gathering is to create an atmosphere of unabashed fun and fulfillment. It was truly rewarding to see our goal fully realized on this special occasion.

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Finding joy in helping others is a core value at GEN3

In our daily lives, taking care of ourselves is essential. Equally important is fostering a culture of self-care within our organization. Finding joy in helping others is a core value at GEN3, as the remarkable Gen 3 team fully embraces this ethos. They understand that fitness is an integral part of everyday life, both as individuals and valued member/employees of our organization. We believe that prioritizing physical well-being is more significant than ever, upholding our Core Values with unwavering commitment. This ensures that the belief in self-care is known, practiced, and embodied by all, as greatness is achieved by consistently choosing excellence in every facet of our lives.

To a wellness-focused lifestyle, we prioritize convenient access to essential resources. This includes a fully-equipped gym, where our employees can harness their energy reserves after handling customer issues or pursuing personal fitness goals. Our commitment extends to empowering each individual, ensuring their well-being both inside and outside the workplace. Transition words like “in order to” can be helpful for writing purposeful and engaging sentences.

So, let us continue to cherish these remarkable Core Values, allowing them to guide us in transforming our aspirations into action. Let us choose to be excellent in all that we do, recognizing the profound impact our choices have on our personal growth, professional success, and overall happiness. Together, let’s create a future defined by exceptional endeavors and a culture of well-being that knows no bounds.


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