How to get into the trades?

Electric, HVAC & Plumbing

Are you interested in finding a career with growth potential, a sense of accomplishment, and enjoyment? A trade like electrical or HVAC can be just the thing! This is an exciting field that lets you use your hands. Fix interesting problems. And create something new each day. You’ll need some training to become qualified in either (or both) trades, but it isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. This is Louis’s story.

Use hard work to make opportunities.

Louis’s journey into the trades began at the GEN3 warehouse where he started off as an assistant. His responsibilities were basic. He took them seriously, always trying to be on time, helpful, and efficient when pulling materials and making deliveries. Over time, he began to show a keen interest in the trades, which didn’t go unnoticed by his superiors. They saw his potential, and wanted to develop his skills. GEN3 offered him an opportunity to take an online training course on interplay learning. From there, Louis’s passion for learning and his newfound confidence propelled him into a whole new world of opportunities. He learned the ropes of the trades and pursued his dream of getting into a career that he was truly passionate about.

The Next step for Louis to get into the trades

Starting in an entry-level position is a common way to get into the trades. And that’s exactly what Louis is doing. He’ll be working alongside our master HVAC and electrical technicians, learning from them every step of the way. Plus, he’s not just relying on on-the-job training. Louis has committed to online courses and team training meetings to further develop his skills. As he gains more experience and responsibility, he’ll inch closer to obtaining his own trade license. In just a few short years, Louis will have all the knowledge and experience he needs to take on even bigger challenges in the trades industry.

The owner’s Personal mission at GEN3

Seeing an employee advance like Louis is doing makes me very proud. I tell myself that my personal mission is to. “Give employees the skills that they need to go off on their own. While building a culture that they want to be a part of”.


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