How To Use Google’s Home Hub
How To Use Google’s Home Hub

A Few Keys To Setting Up Google Home Hub Correctly

It’s 2020 and smart home devices are infiltrating our world, whether we like it or not. In many ways, these devices are making our lives much easier. Consequently, some people even explain how they can’t live without them. But for others, the technology is too complex. Comparatively, the mere thought of even setting them up is enough to cause owners to leave them in the box. So, is there a simple way to get started with Google’s Home Hub? Find out, below!

1 – Figure Out Where You Want It To Go

This is arguably the most important step, and luckily for you, it doesn’t involve any technology. This device does not have a camera feature so that eliminates the risk to you, or your family members. Nevertheless feeling uncomfortable about it being located in certain rooms of the house (like the bedroom or bathroom) is norma. Just make sure it’s easy to access because after all, you’re going to be using it for lots of things like checking the weather, your daily, weekly or monthly calendar, or checking traffic before you head out for the day or night.

2 – Get The App

Since the Google Home App is basically the control center for the entire Home Hub, you’ll want to download the app right away. We suggest downloading it on the phone or tablet you use most so that it’s always accessible when you need it.

3 – Talk To It

If you want to be able to tell the Google Home Hub to do things without actually having to walk up to it each time, you’ll want it to recognize your voice. You can get personalized data, stats and information custom to you once the device is able to match a voice with an individual.

We personally feel as if this is one of the most useful features that comes along with utilizing a Home Hub. If you own smart light bulbs, thermostats, appliances or any other smart devices throughout your home, you’ll be able to control just about every one of them in one place. Convenient, right? You can link your devices to the Hub by swiping down from the top of the screen which will display the categories of devices you might have throughout the house. You can also pair smart home devices through the app by tapping “Add” and then “Set up device.”

Smart Home Device Setup & Installation in Philadelphia

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