Signs Your Home Has A Hidden Electrical Problem
Signs Your Home Has A Hidden Electrical Problem

Home electrical problems are so much more than just sparks and power outages. There are often many smaller signs that something is going on behind the scenes. And knowing them can help you prevent fire and other damage. Keep an eye out for these warning signs of an electrical problem around the house:

Shocks When You Use an Outlet

You reach over to plug in your cellphone charger and buzz your hand is zapped. Eventually, you realize it was the outlet or power strip. Even electric tingles from touching an outlet or connected appliance is a sign there is a ground fault or improper wiring. Surprisingly people ignore small shocks. Just because a shock is mild doesn’t mean it can’t hurt you. For that reason, don’t use any outlet that is producing a shock. Shut off its power connection, and contact a professional ASAP.

Lights Flicker

Does your home’s lights tend to flicker on and off? As if you are in a horror movie, the real culprit might be your electrical system. Once you ensure it’s not just a bad bulb, it’s time to consider the light fixture and wiring. Sometimes, loose wires can cause lights to flicker even when there’s nothing wrong with the bulb or fixture itself.

Loose Outlets

If your home’s wall outlets have started to come undone, it’s time to have a professional put them back in place. Loose outlets may not seem like a big deal, but they eventually lead to loosened wires that can cause shocks and even cause a fire.

Avoid jamming things into your outlets or forcing things into the sockets. If something doesn’t fit or you have trouble getting an outlet to even work, then there may be a bigger issue that needs to be addressed.

An Untraceable Burning Smell

Faulty wiring is a major fire hazard, and if you smell smoke or burning, you need to shut off your home’s electricity and contact a professional right away. Never use an appliance that produces a burning smell while it is in use, and don’t use any power outlets or strips that spark or smoke.

The problem could be a signal outlet, or your breaker box may need to be repaired. The best thing you can do is contact a licensed electrician to avoid any health or fire risks that come with a DIY inspection.

Problems With Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are designed to prevent fires by cutting off electricity to an outlet when there’s a power overload. Small overloads are common enough, but if your breakers are constantly shutting off your electricity, they either need replacing or there’s a bigger problem that needs to be diagnosed by a professional.

An electrician can take a look at your home’s electric panel and figure out what’s causing your circuits to trip so frequently.

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