Make Your Home Smarter with a New Thermostat!

All the Cool (and Warm) Benefits of Smart home Thermostats With winter in full swing, it’s hard to stay warm in these frigid temps. But one way to stay warm is by investing in a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience, energy-saving features, and affordability. Let’s explore why these […]

5 Things Every Electrician Wants You To Know

5 Things Every Electrician Wants You To Know | GEN3 Electric & HVAC

Your Electrician Would Love It If You Were Familiar With These Things Electricians are more than just repairmen; we’re experts on residential and commercial electrical systems, and we care about our customers’ safety and well-being. To make your life easier and to prevent damage to your home, we’ve put together this list of five things […]