Why Is The Pressure Relief Valve On My Boiler Leaking?
Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure valves are important fixtures of your home’s heating system. These valves ensure that your boiler doesn’t become overloaded and explode. Boiler temperature has to be regulated and controlled at all times, and it’s your valve’s job to help relieve some of the pressure.

There are two main reasons why your water relief valve is leaking.

Excessive Internal Temperature

If your water heater’s temperature rises too high, the relief valve may begin to leak water in an attempt to lower it. As hot water is removed from the tank, cool water flows in to replace it. Check your boiler’s temperature; if it’s over 210 degrees or 150 psi, your water valve is most likely doing what it’s supposed to.

However, this should not be an on-going process. The water boiler should return to a normal temperature and pressure, which is approximately 150 degrees and less than 30 psi when hot.

The Valve Needs To Be Replaced

Continuous leaking from your water valve could be a sign that it has come loose or lost its seal. Luckily, this is an inexpensive replacement and repair job that can be done quickly. Sometimes, valves simply wear out, but replacing them right away is important to prevent your boiler from rupturing.

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