Enhancing Your Home: Covering Your AC Condenser in Style
AC cover Before and After

Is your outdoor air conditioning unit an eyesore in your backyard? We understand the struggle of trying to hide it behind plants and shrubs without much success. But don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for you! Installing a cover around your AC condensing unit can make a world of difference. Trust us, the transformation is amazing! If you’re tired of the bare and unsightly look, keep reading to learn about our experience and how you can do it too. Let’s upgrade your home’s exterior together!

Why Cover Your AC Condenser?

First off, what is an AC condenser and why do you need to cover it? The AC condenser is the part of your HVAC system responsible for releasing hot air outside, and it’s usually located outside your home. Unfortunately, these units can be very noisy and, more importantly, very unsightly. By covering your AC condenser, you’ll be hiding it from view and enjoying a more attractive and visually appealing outdoor space.

The Installation Process

The installation process for our AC condenser cover was fairly straightforward. We ordered a pre-made cover designed to fit around our specific AC model, but you can also choose to custom-make your own cover if you have the skills and tools. The cover we chose was made of a durable and weather-resistant material, ensuring that it would withstand the elements and last for years to come.

Before & After Images

The difference in the appearance of our backyard was remarkable once we had the cover installed. The area around the AC unit looked much neater and organized, and it no longer stood out as an eyesore. We were able to add some potted plants and outdoor decorations to the area, and it felt like a whole new space. We have included before and after images to show you the transformation!

Maintenance & Cleaning

Like any other part of your HVAC system, your AC condenser unit needs regular maintenance and cleaning to function at its best. With a cover in place, however, you will likely find that your unit requires less cleaning than it did before since the cover prevents debris from getting in. You should still ensure that the cover is cleaned regularly to prevent any buildup of debris on the unit itself.


Covering your outside AC condenser is a small improvement that can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your home. It is an easy and affordable way to enhance your outdoor space while increasing the lifespan of your AC unit. Whether you choose to purchase a pre-made cover or make your own, we hope that our experience and before-and-after images have inspired you to consider this minor upgrade for your home.

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