Why Are Electrical Panel Tune-Ups Important?

Blog / By / February 6, 2020

What Is Electrical Panel Maintenance?

Your electrical panel houses all your home’s circuit breakers; switches that connect to your power supply and prevent overheating. Just like we need yearly check-ups with our doctors and automobiles, our electric panels should receive routine tune-ups from licensed professionals. Preventative maintenance is your best line of defense against electrical problems, property damage and fires.

An electric panel should last for many years without any trouble, but just because it doesn’t cause any issues doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be looked at more closely. A routine electric panel tune-up is a simple job that can catch any potential risks and correct them before they turn into dangerous problems.

Circuit Breaker Tune-Up Basics

When you call one of our licensed electricians to your home, we’ll run through a checklist to assess your electric panel. We’ll look closely at the circuits to make sure that the switches are all operating correctly; then, we’ll assess the strength of the connections and tighten any that are loose. We’ll also add conductive gel, which tends to dry over time.

We’ll also make sure that your electrical panel is fully up to safety code. Homes that are over 20 years old may have circuit boards that need to be upgraded to meet today’s safety standards.

Signs You Should Schedule a Tune-Up ASAP

A professional tune-up is recommended every two years, but you should contact an electrician right away if you experience any of the following:

  • Frequent circuit trips.
  • Power outages in certain parts of the home.
  • Wires or outlets overheating.
  • Reduced power output and inefficiency.

Electrical Panel Service in Germantown

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