How high to place your Front Door light?
How high to place your front door light cover

What factors into the location of your front door light?

Choosing the perfect spot for your front door lighting is no easy task. So, let’s break it down and explore the most important factors to consider.

  • Design concepts: We’ll dive into the golden section and how the 1/3 rule works.
  • Balance with other elements: Discover how to create a harmonious look by matching your lighting with other outdoor features.
  • The function of the light: Learn how to select the right type of lighting to meet your specific needs and enhance your home’s security.

With these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision and create a welcoming entrance for your home. Let’s shed some light on the subject together!

The golden section: Law of one-third.

one third rule and golden section with door.
Lights are positioned in the top third of the door space.

Did you know that the golden section is an ancient Greek design concept? It’s not just found in architecture, but also in nature! Essentially, it’s a rule that says if you divide a line in a certain way, it creates a ratio that’s really pleasing to the eye. Some people even call it the 1/3 rule. So when it comes to lighting, we always make sure it’s placed in the top third of the doorway. Cool, right?

Balance with the other elements of the home.

Lights balanced with other elements.
Lights balanced with other elements.

Your home is more than just a doorway. The windows, roofline, and material changes also play a significant role. Sometimes, adjusting the placement of a lighting fixture can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. It’s not just about the door – it’s about finding the perfect balance for the entire home.

The function of the lighting.

Functional location of the lighting
Light placed for function

Including functionality for front door lights among your home lighting considerations is essential. Not only is good having the right look important, but safety too! The placement of such utilities should always be taken into account when deciding how eyes will be enlightened upon a space. Consider the wattage, bulb socket type, lumen output, and voltage capabilities: all are factors to factor in when considering front door lighting. After all, having just the right amount of illumination can keep everyone safe and sound behind closed doors!


Now that you’ve read this blog post, it’s time to put your knowledge into practice. Selecting the perfect lighting for your front door is often a challenge, but with enough planning and research, you can be confident that your new installation will add brilliance to your outdoor area. Be sure to consider all elements – from design concepts like the golden rule to aspects such as functionality and placement – for the best results. So let’s light up our homes and create a warm welcome when entering!


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